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Office of Academic Affairs

Timely Instructional Materials Policy for Accessibility and Affordability

I.  Course material identification:

  1. Faculty identify required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials by the first day of student registration for the upcoming semester (“Textbook Identification Deadline.”). In accordance with the Textbook Transparency Act and Accessible Technology Policy, faculty are encouraged to consider price and accessibility in the selection of materials.
  2. Academic Department Chairs or appropriate administrators in consultation with faculty specify default textbook information and instructional materials that will be used in the event that other materials have not been specified prior to the Textbook Identification Deadline.
  3. Deans or their designee are responsible for insuring that faculty identify appropriate course materials prior to the Textbook Identification Deadline and ensuring that course materials are identified and communicated to the campus Bookstore no later than the first day of student registration for the upcoming semester (“Textbook Identification Deadline.”). Default options shall be on file for every section of every course in the appropriate Dean’s office.
  4. The Bookstore shall notify Department Chairs and College Deans of those courses for which the Bookstore has not received the course material selections.  The Bookstore shall send this list at least two weeks before the Textbook Identification Deadline, one week prior to the deadline, and one week after the deadline. The Bookstore also makes available the textbook list for the Internet class schedule used for preregistration and registration purposes.
  5. Library Reserves needs at least 2 weeks advance notice from the date course materials will be used in class.  Faculty members need to follow copyright guidelines prior to placing materials on electronic reserves.

II. Course material change:

  1. Faculty who wish to change or add course materials after the Textbook Identification Deadline must consult with the Department Chair or appropriate administrator. Because federal legislation requires course materials to be available to all students at the same time, changes or additional materials will only be approved if course materials are available simultaneously to all students enrolled in the course. 
  2. Department Chairs or appropriate administrators who approve an exemption to change course materials shall inform the Bookstore of the new order and contact SSWD.
  3. The Bookstore will notify Department Chairs and appropriate administrators should a faculty member request a change after the Textbook Identification Deadline.

III. Course material conversion:

  1. Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) uses procedures for obtaining, producing, and delivering alternative media requests or files in accessible formats for students with disabilities, advocates for adequate staffing and resources for conversions and consults with Department Chairs or appropriate administrators in the event of a change.
  2. Academic Technology and Creative Services will provide access to staff of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) to SacCT courses when students with disabilities are enrolled, for the purpose of converting instructional materials.

Approved by the Faculty Senate, February 07, 2013