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University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS)


Document Updated: January 11, 2008

Carpooling is an attractive alternative to reliance on the single-occupant vehicle. By utilizing carpools, congestion and smog in our community are reduced, the cost of commuting is reduced, the cost of parking at Sacramento State is reduced by at least one-half, and preferential parking at Sacramento State is available. Give it a try!

Carpools at Sacramento State must include at least two (2) people. At least two members of the carpool must be in the vehicle when parking in carpool spaces. Student carpool permits are also valid in student parking lots and faculty/staff carpool permits are valid in faculty/staff parking lots.  Vehicles must be parked in non-carpool parking spaces when driving to campus alone and displaying a carpool permit. Carpool spaces are located in Parking Structure I and III. Faculty only carpool spaces are located in Lot 1.

To obtain a Sacramento State carpool parking permit, all members of the carpool must come to the UTAPS office with their Sacramento State semester parking permit, if already purchased, to exchange it and to complete a carpool application. Please prepare to have all vehicle license plate numbers for the vehicles that will potentially be used in your carpool. Only one (1) carpool parking permit will be issued per carpool. Carpool parking permits are obtained on a semester basis.

Carpool spaces are available until 11:00am. Monday-Friday. After 11:00am, carpool parking spaces are open to vehicles displaying a valid Sacramento State parking permit. Carpool spaces are available for carpoolers during the Fall and Spring semester. At all other times, carpool spaces are available to vehicles with any valid Sac State parking permit.

To participate in a Sacramento region carpool match list, call 511 or visit or  For more information regarding Sacramento State carpools or other Commute Choices, please send an email to or call (916) 278-7527.