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University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS)

Bicycling At Sacramento State

Bike Compound

Campus Designated Bike Parking Locations (.pdf)

Bicycle Infrastructure Summer 2014

An attractive alternative to driving a car is bicycling. Bicycling is a great way to commute to the campus and lets you get your exercise at the same time! There are three free bicylce compounds on campus.  They are located adjacent to the Guy West Bridge, north of Benicia Hall and at the corner of Sinclair Rd/Moraga Way. The compounds accommodate hundreds of bicycles and some skateboards. Sacramento State Police Department Community Service Officers (CSOs) staff the bicycle compounds during the Fall and Spring semesters from 8:00am - 10:00pm, Monday - Thursday and 8:00am - 5:00pm on Friday. Additionally, bicycle racks are available for use throughout the campus. View the newest version of our bicycle brochure! Bicycle lockers are available for rent through ASI Peak Adventures at (916) 278-6321.  For more information please send an email to  or call (916) 278-7527.

Cycling Club at Sacramento State

The Cycling Club, along with various other clubs, is registered with the Student Activities Office on the 3rd floor of the University Union. The Cycling Club offers organized rides, races, team clothing, discounts, and more. Riders of all levels and styles are encouraged to become involved. To find the latest information on the Cycling Club, please call the Student Activities Office at (916) 278-6595.

From the Sacramento State Police Department: Bicycle Theft

Always lock your bicycle to a fixed metal bike rack in a designated bicycle parking area.  Bicycles may only be locked to bicycle racks.  Take with you any parts that are quick-release and cannot be secured. Always record your serial number. It is a good idea to engrave your frame with your driver's license or identification card number. The Sacramento State Police Department has an engraver and can loan it to you at the front counter.

In addition, it is recommended that you license your bicycle with the Sacramento State Police Department so that the serial number and description is readily available in the event that the bicycle is stolen. The Police Department is open 24 hours for bicycle registration.  The chances of recovering a stolen bicycle increase when a serial number has been entered into the California-wide stolen property data base. Minimize your losses ahead of time. Do not ride to campus on a high dollar bicycle.

Updated: March, 2017