Lean/Process Improvement

ABA's strategic goal to boost process efficiency has multiple objectives. Process improvements can not only simplify and enhance customer service, but can remove roadblocks, reduce steps and eliminate wasted staff efforts, as well as reduce costs. ABA has identified the following strategies to help us accomplish our goal:

  • Support a culture of self-assessment and improvement
  • Evaluate processes using applicable improvement tools and and methodologies
  • Include customers in the improvement process
  • Evaluate technology options
  • Streamline, automate or other
  • Create feedback loops to gather data and communicate improvements

During the summer of 2012, ABA hosted a Lean/Process Improvement workshop on campus to kick-off its strategic goal for improved “process efficiency.” The two-day workshop, delivered by the Chancellor’s Office Quality Initiatives staff, covered concepts, methods and tools that can be used to address underlying process issues and improve performance. Along with systemwide colleagues, over twenty ABA managers and staff attended, participating in hands-on exercises to improve processes identified in advance.

 Participants aquired knowledge and tools to help them:  

  • Manage/communicate a process improvement effort
  • Create "current state" and "future state" process maps
  • Apply Lean tools/methodologies (Value-Stream Map, Waste Walk, A3 Thinking)
  • Identify and reduce non-value added steps (Waste)
  • Learn to create an Action Plan to track and drive improvement efforts

 Key takeaways included: 

  • Templates and strategies to use right away
  • Knowledge and tools for creating a process map
  • Tools for reducing waste and increasing efficiency
  • Ways to document potential improvements
  • Strategies for mobilizing teams in your organization for process change

Reports on completed process improvement projects are posted above. ABA continues to promote a culture of continuous improvement, as both formal and informal projects are taking place across the division.