Use of University Facilities Overview

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Use of University Facilities by External Organizations


The allocation of space on campus is determined by the President or his designees. The Space Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) has been established to consider requests to allocate new space or reassign existing space as it becomes available.

Space Management is responsible for centrally and consistently coordinating the use of University controlled facilities. This includes outdoor space and facilities that are allocated to a specific college or department for assignment of program, and department space, and for the use of University facilities for classes, final examinations, and events in agreement with State, Chancellor's Office, and University policy.

Space Management authorizes and approves the scheduling and use of appropriate University facilities for events. To ensure the proper and non-redundant scheduling of University controlled facilities, programs and departments are required to work with Space Management to formally request and schedule the desired space and coordinate related services. The customer accepts responsibility for payment of all event charges which may include charges for energy use and for cleanup.

Typically, facilities that support a specific college or department instructional program or office space assigned to programs and departments, are not available for use by another program. However, if a non-controlling department requests use of facilities that are allocated to another, Space Management will schedule the use of those facilities only after obtaining the controlling college's/department's approval. Upon approval, you may proceed in directly contacting that college or department to work out any required facility use details.

Failure to include Space Management in your planning efforts can create unwanted, uncontrolled, and unnecessary liabilities for the campus. It can also result in scheduling conflicts, inaccuracies of calendared events, and other undesirable difficulties for the group wishing to use the space and the campus.

Formal procedures and request forms for securing University space can be found on the Space Management homepage. Please follow these procedures.

Your cooperation, in appropriately scheduling facilities through Space Management, is appreciated.

Use by External Organizations

Thank you for your interest in facilities at California State University, Sacramento. University facilities are available to community groups and organizations when not needed for University programs.

In order to qualify for use of University facilities, an organization must fall in one of the following categories:

  1. A governmental agency;
  2. A non-profit, charitable, educational, or character-building organization;
  3. A group or individual who will use the facility for educational or non-commercial uses.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Eligibility status of off campus groups and organizations will be reviewed. Proof of eligibility may be required.
  2. An event must be related to the University’s broad educational mission.
  3. Space is scheduled on a semester basis. A separate Request to Use University Facilities form must be submitted for a requested date that overlaps into another semester.
  4. Each request for use of facilities is generally limited to a maximum of four dates per semester.
  5. A completed and signed request form for a reservation that has already been tentatively approved by phone by Space Management, must be received in Space Management no later than 40 working days prior to the beginning date of the event. Initial phone contact is usually required at least 2 months in advance of the event.
  6. Facility rental and service fees apply. Appropriate deposit must be paid, insurance requirement must be met, and a contract must be signed prior to the event or the confirmed reservation is null and void. The remaining fee balance will be invoiced after the event.
  7. All requirements as stated in the terms and conditions (PDF) for use of University facilities must be met.

Note: Space Management will provide the space request form to the external group after the group's eligibility requirements has been verified and campus space has been tentatively approved.

Please refer to the following resources for additional information:

For further information and to request the use of University facilities, please contact Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or