campus signSpace Management schedules facilities for all events on a per semester basis after academic classes have been settled into classrooms. The event scheduling timelines are the same every year. For best facilities selection and priority scheduling each year, note the following priority deadlines for submitting space request forms. Requests submitted after the priority deadlines will be processed in the order they are received along with all other requests from the campus and community.

  • February 1st for all Summer requests
  • June 1st for all Fall requests
  • October 1st for all Winter and Spring requests

Visit Space Request Forms to choose the correct form to complete to request use of University facilities. Campus departments are welcome to submit Space Request Forms for future events with the understanding that their requests will be held on file until the appropriate time for scheduling that semester. View Use of University Facilities Process and Deadlines (PDF) for important information. Please note that campus sponsored events involving external organizations require 60 days' advance notice.

Student organizations/groups shall contact the Events Services Office in the University Union at (916) 278-6743 for all space requests.

Community organizations shall contact the Office of Space Management directly at (916) 278-6507 or for further information and to request facilities for events. Please note that 60 days' advance notice is required. Campus facilities are available for community events when not needed for University programs. To see if your group qualifies for use of University facilities, please visit Use of University Facilities.