lassen hallThe Office of Space Management provides several important functions/services for the University:

Reservations and Scheduling Services

  • Provide customer and scheduling services for courses, final examinations, meetings, and events in University indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Manage facilities scheduling for the Schedule of Classes with the academic departments.
  • Schedule and approve use of facilities and coordinate related services associated with events sponsored by the University and community organizations.
  • Facilitate the processes related to space requests, space approval, services approval, rental and service fees, deposits and billing, insurance and risk, facilities use contractual agreements, priority scheduling within energy use guidelines, and compliance issues.

Space Data Management

  • Develop and maintain the data, structural configuration, functionality, business processes, security, and operational requirements of software systems, programs, web applications, queries, and reporting for facilities scheduling operations, event services and billing; resource management, space management, audits, and inventory.
  • Work closely with consultants who are responsible for the technical software and hardware requirements.

Training Services

  • Develop and administer training materials for facilities scheduling training.
  • Conduct group and individual training and provide user guides and consultation for academic college and department staff schedulers in preparation of facilities scheduling for the schedule of classes using Astra Schedule and CMS.
  • Provide user guides for campus guest users to view classes, exams, and events using Astra Schedule.
  • Provide training to space and service providers for space approval, service approval, event review, and other related processes after events are scheduled in Astra Schedule.
  • Develop audit materials and provide training to conduct campus space use audits.

Space Management Planning and Assignment

  • Manage the use and assignment of University indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Conduct space use audits and maintain space inventory.
  • Provide support services to administrators for space planning, allocation, relocation, and assignments.
  • Maintain the lecture room and faculty office allocations and monitor room utilization.
  • Provide analysis and data for CSU SFDB update and reconciliation for existing facilities.
  • Provide utilization reporting for lecture facilities.
  • Provide reports to campus departments and administrators on facilities scheduling and space related matters.
  • Maintain space, scheduling, and resource policies and procedures.

Resource Management of Instructional Furniture

  • Purchase and maintain the lecture classroom furniture inventory.
  • Conduct classroom furniture audits to determine purchase and replacement needs.
  • Coordinate special furniture needs with Services to Students with Disabilities Office.
  • Manage the semi-annual furniture inventory and safety audit in collaboration with Facilities Management.
  • Coordinate with academic departments to determine furniture needs and priorities and purchase items for instructional laboratories and special facilities.
  • Facilitate laboratory furniture deliveries with vendors and the academic departments.

Space and Scheduling Related Group Activities

  • Space Planning and Assignment (SPAG)
  • Facilities Rental Fee Review
  • Astra Schedule Software
  • CMS Facilities Scheduling for the Schedule of Classes
  • Space and Scheduling Related Ad Hoc Group Activities