Space Management FAQs

Frequently asked questions are grouped by topic areas.

Q: What is Astra Schedule?

Astra Schedule is the University's comprehensive event and facility scheduling software tool managed by Space Management. For more information, visit Astra Schedule.

Q: Where do I access Astra Schedule?

The Astra Schedule web-based application is available at When Astra Schedule loads, the Webpage automatically displays Guest User access. Astra Schedule is available 24/7 on campus or off campus with a VPN connection.

Q: How do I use and navigate Astra Schedule?

Astra Schedule User Guides are available to assist guest and academic department end users navigate Astra Schedule. If you have further questions, please contact Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or

Q: The heat/air conditioning is not working properly in the facility I am using – who do I contact?

HVAC is programmed by Facilities Management Central Plant in facilities for scheduled classes and events as well as for offices during normal business hours.  Activites held in lecture classrooms and labs must be properly scheduled in CMS by appropriate college/department support staff and/or Astra Schedule by Space Management for HVAC to be programmed.

To report HVAC problems, please contact Central Plant at (916) 278-6242 during regular business hours Monday-Friday. For after-hours and weekend assistance, call (916) 278-6000.

Q: The building/room is locked for my class or event - who do I contact?

Most of the main entrance doors to buildings in which classes and events are scheduled are unlocked automatically by programmable locks according to campus standard building hours. The remaining buildings are unlocked by Facilities Management Custodial Staff and/or University Police Community Service Specialists. Buildings are locked nightly based on the last scheduled activity. If you have not properly scheduled a class or event, please consult your department support staff to make scheduling arrangements with Space Management. 

To report a problem with accessing a building for a scheduled class or event, please contact University Police at (916) 278-6000. To report a problem with accessing a University lecture facility for a scheduled class or event, please contact Facilities Management Customer Service during regular business hours at (916) 278-6242. For after-hours and weekend assistance, call (916) 278-6000.

If the instructional facility is a department lab and it is locked, please contact the department or college that oversees the lab for assistance to access the lab. To report a problem with accessing a department or faculty office, please contact the appropriate academic college for assistance.

Q: When are campus buildings open?

Campus building standard operating hours during fall and spring are Monday-Thursday, 7am-10pm and Friday, 7am-5pm. For winter, building hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm in specific and limited buildings. For summer, building hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm in specific and limited buildings. On weekends, buildings are open as needed when classes or events are scheduled. Only a handful of buildings are scheduled as needed on weekends and after normal operating hours in order to conserve energy and keep operating costs to a minimum. Buildings are closed on campus holidays. See Facility Access and Security campus policy.

Note: Campus administrative and student services buildings (Sacramento Hall, Lassen Hall), the Alumni Center, the Library, the University Union, the Well, UEI facilities (Hornet Bookstore, Modoc Hall, etc.), and/or Residence Halls may have slightly varied operating hours. Check directly with these areas for their operating hours.

Q: What campus facilities does Space Management schedule?

Space Management schedules State-owned instructional facilities and all outdoor spaces (with the exception of the Challenge Center) on the Sacramento State campus. For more information, visit Campus Venues.

Q: What other departments on campus in addition to Space Management schedule facilities?

Several departments in addition to Space Management such as the Alumni Center, the University Union, the Well, and Residence Halls schedule facilities for events. For more information, visit Campus Venues.

Q: Where can I view a Sacramento State campus map?

View campus map.

Q: What are the current classroom media types?

Classroom media types (Collaborative Smart Technology, Advanced Smart Technology, Intermediate Smart Technology, Basic Technology and Non-Smart) are defined on Learning Space Services.

Q: What is Lecture Capture (Mediasite)?

Mediasite offers a classroom lecture capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record their lecture(s) in selected instructional facilities (ARC 1010, ARC 1011, DLN 1004, DH 208, and LIB 53). Contact Space Management to reserve one of these instructional spaces. For more information about lecture capture technology, contact Learning Space Services.

Q: I want to know what technology equipment is in a classroom or have a problem with the equipment in a classroom - who do I contact?

To view information about technology equipment in classrooms, visit the Learning Space Inventory maintained by IRT. To report a technology equipment problem in a classroom, contact Learning Space Services at (916) 278-7337, Option 1.

Q: There are not enough chairs/desks in the lecture room that I am using – who do I contact?

Official seat capacity and furniture configuration for instructional Lecture rooms is maintained by Space Management. If the furniture seat count is incorrect in a classroom or if there is a furniture safety issue, please notify Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or The seat count in classrooms includes the ADA chair. Space Management will coordinate with Facilities Management to correct the seat count or safety issue as quickly as possible for any classroom issues that are reported. For more information, visit Classroom Use and Furniture.

Q: I want to know how the furniture shall be arranged in classrooms - where can I view this information?

Lecture classroom furniture layouts are maintained by Space Management and available here.

Q: I need to reserve a facility for a campus meeting or event – what form do I use?

Two forms are available for campus departments to request use of University facilities. Visit Space Requests for more information.

Q: How do I request tables and chairs for my outdoor event?

Once an event is initially scheduled in Astra Schedule by Space Management and a Reservation ID is generated, campus customers can request tables and chairs directly from Facilities Management for placement in outdoor areas. It is the customer's responsibility to make arrangements directly with Facilities Management for tables and chairs.

Q: I am a student and want to reserve a facility for a group event – what do I do?

Students are not allowed to reserve University facilities on their own. Students that belong to a certified student organization need to begin the facility request/reservation process with the Event Services Office in the University Union or with Student Organizations & Leadership (SOAL) in the University Union. If the student group event is directly associated with an academic class, then students shall consult with the relevant faculty member about the possibility of planning the event through the academic department.

Q: I am a member of a community organization and want to reserve a facility for a group event – where  do I begin?

Community groups are welcome to rent facilities at Sacrament State. Campus facilities are available for community events when not needed for University programs. To see if your group qualifies for use of University facilities, please visit Use of University Facilities. Community organizations shall contact the Office of Space Management directly at (916) 278-6507 or for further information and to request facilities for events. Note: A minimum of 60 days advance notice is required.

Q: Can I bring food in University classrooms for my event?

Only light refreshments (such as coffee, tea, cookies, donuts) may be served in University lecture classrooms; catered meals are not permitted. Food is limited to light refreshments to maintain the cleanliness and condition of instructional facilties to support instruction. Users assume responsibility for cleaning up the classroom promptly after its use.

Q: What are the event scheduling timelines for each term?

Event scheduling timelines are the same every year. For best facilities selection and priority scheduling each year, note the following deadlines for submitting space request forms for use of University facilities.

    • February 1st for all Summer requests
    • June 1st for all Fall requests
    • October 1st for all Winter and Spring requests

Space Management begins scheduling facilities for events shortly after the above dates each year and once the initial class schedule is established. Space requests submitted well in advance of final deadlines are encouraged. Requests submitted after the priority event scheduling deadlines will be processed in the order they are received along with all other requests from the campus and community.

Q: How long does it take for a space request to be processed once it has been submitted?

Space requests are held on file until the appropriate time for event scheduling AFTER academic classes have been scheduled (see question above). Depending on the complexity and nature of the space request and the number of requests in queue, it may take from 3-10 business days or longer to process a space request once it has been received. Requests for facilities outside of normal business hours (after 5pm on Friday and on weekends) and for outdoor areas or special facilities (including instructional pc labs) require at least 10 business days to process. Please visit Space Request Forms for more information.

Q: How will I know when my event is confirmed?

Once an event has been confirmed, an event confirmation email will be sent to the campus customer from Astra Schedule. If event related charges are assessed, the campus customer will be informed by Space Management staff prior to the event confirmation.

Note: The event scheduling and notification process is slightly varied for non-campus events as insurance and a contract is required for events involving external groups. For more information, view Use of University Facilities Process and Deadlines (PDF).

Q: How can I view events scheduled on campus?

Astra Schedule is the University's comprehensive event and facility scheduling software tool administered by Space Management. Campus guest users may view classes and events scheduled in State-owned instructional facilities and outdoor spaces by using Astra Schedule at  Astra Schedule is available 24/7 on campus or off campus with a VPN connection. Navigation: Calendars Tab > Scheduling Grids > Building Activity Calendar. Please refer to the Astra Schedule User Guides for more details.

Customers may also view The Campus Calendar of Events maintained by the University Union to view events planned in the Union and other publicized campus events.

Q: Why are there charges for my event?

When a facility request is submitted, a customer agrees to Use of University Facilities Terms and Conditions. Specifically, a customer accepts responsibility and agrees to pay for all event charges which may include service charges for energy use, cleanup, other services and/or use of facilities. Events may be assessed charges for a multitude of reasons which include but are not limited to events scheduled outside of normal campus operating hours, events with large attendance, and/or events with food or beverages served. Event service charges cannot be quoted in advance of submitting a facility request. For more information, see Cost Recovery Facilities Services.

Q: I have questions about event charges - who do I contact?

Customers may contact Space Management for general questions about event charges assessed and the event billing process. For specific details or concerns regarding event charges assessed, customers are encouraged to contact the department that assessed the charges.

Q: What are the Sacramento State Police chargeback rates to support events?

When police services are required to support events on the Sacramento State campus, customers are subject to the following chargeback rates.

Q: What are the facilities rental fees for external groups?

Rental fees for use of University facilities by external groups may be viewed at Rental Fees. Additional charges will be assessed to cover all University services, equipment use, events managers, and other staff costs, plus damages incurred. For more information, please contact the Office of Space Management directly at (916) 278-6507 or Campus facilities are available for community events when not needed for University programs.

Q: How are external groups invoiced for facilities rental fees and event service charges?

Invoicing for events is facilitated by Space Management and processed by the Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office is the sole source of billing for any and all debts to the campus - regardless of the department or account to which the debt is owed. Campus departments are not permitted to invoice external organizations directly. For more information, see University Policy, ADM-0120, for Billing, Collection, and Write-off of Debt.

Q: What are the dates for finals exams?

The final exam grid is posted on the Sacramento State Portal and is available to students, staff and faculty.

Q: Is my instructor holding a final exam and if so, where is it?

Consult with your instructor and/or department about the final exam status and location. Every effort is made to schedule a final exam in the same room where a class meets all term. However, due to room conflicts with other exams, a different room may be assigned.

Q: I am a faculty member and need to change the room, date or time of my scheduled final exam - what do I do?

Faculty shall request final exam changes through their department office rather than direct contact with Space Management. Final exam exception requests to change the final exam schedule to another day and time are subject to review and approval by Academic Affairs. Final exam exception requests (room changes, additions, special requests, requests for Instructional PC labs) are processed by Space Management after the final exam schedule is complete, usually the month prior to the actual exams.

Q: When do I use Astra Schedule to schedule facilities for classes?

After the initial schedule building deadline up until census for fall and spring terms, department schedulers shall use Astra Schedule to search for and schedule facilities for class sections. Facility changes may NOT be made in CMS-SA after the initial schedule building period because conflicts may result with events and energy use plans that impact specific facilities. Academic departments shall contact Space Management for all summer and winter facility assignments after the initial schedule building deadline. Departments are encouraged to refer to the Schedule Building Calendars, Schedule Building Instructions and Training Manuals distributed by Academic Affairs, the College or Continuing Education, and Space Management. For more information, visit Class Schedule Building.

Q: If I need assistance scheduling classes, who do I contact?

Department schedulers may contact the Office of the University Registrar, Academic Affairs, the College of Continuing Education and Space Management for assistance scheduling classes. It is appropriate to contact Space Management for questions and concerns regarding facility availability, facility allocation and utilization, and using Astra Schedule. For other scheduling questions pertaining to CMS-SA transactions, departments shall contact the Office of the University Registrar, Academic Affairs or the College of Continuing Education.

Q: How do I reserve additional facilities for class sections?

Departments shall request an additional facility through Space Management by completing the Request to Use University Facilities Standard Form available on the Space Management Website. Additional facilities will be scheduled as "Course Add'l Facility" events.