Astra Schedule

Astra Schedule is the University's comprehensive event and facilities scheduling software tool managed by Space Management. Depending on access, campus users may view classes and events scheduled in Astra Schedule as well as assign facilities for classes using Astra Schedule. Astra Schedule was successfully upgraded to version 7.5.17 on June 16, 2017.

The Astra Schedule web-based application is available at  When Astra Schedule loads, the Webpage automatically displays Guest User access. Astra Schedule is available 24/7 on campus or off campus with a VPN connection. 

Astra Schedule has an interface with the Common Management Systems Student Administration system (CMS-SA) that synchronizes facility assignments for classes between the two systems. Event information in Astra Schedule is not maintained in CMS-SA.

A key component of Astra Schedule is the Optimizer, which has been configured and managed by Space Management since 2008. Space Management manages the Astra Schedule Optimizer to centrally assign Lecture facilities to class sections during the class schedule audit period. The Optimizer process helps maximize scheduling efficiency and optimize facility utilization for the class schedule. When assigning facilities, the Astra Schedule Optimizer is configured to consider room capacity compared to enrollment, course meeting type, course meeting pattern, room type, room media level, room region, building preference, subject preference, and instructors with back to back courses to be scheduled in the same facility when possible.

The Astra Schedule interface with CMS-SA is designed to facilitate the coordination of data between the two systems. It has several "modes" and runs them simultaneously:

  • (CMS-SA to Astra) A batch import runs every weekday morning before 7:00am, that re-imports active and tentative semester class section data from CMS-SA. This import allows academic department schedulers to work in Astra Schedule with the most current CMS-SA data at start of each work day.
  • (CMS-SA to Astra) A transactional import is scheduled to run every couple minutes to capture changes made in CMS-SA during that timeframe.
  • (Astra to CMS-SA) A real-time export runs whenever a facility assignment has been made or a facility is removed from a class section in Astra Schedule. The facility assignment or removal is sent to CMS-SA as soon as the change is saved in Astra Schedule.
Space Management manages Astra Schedule user accounts for academic departments to perform facilities assignments for class sections. Before granting campus users Astra Schedule security access, Space Management must confirm users have similar security access in CMS-SA with IRT. New Astra Schedule department scheduler users are required to complete Astra Schedule training provided by Space Management. Additional training on Astra Schedule will be provided to campus users upon request. Please contact Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or with questions or concerns about Astra Schedule security access or training.
Astra User Guide