Property Loss or Damage

Loss or Damage to University Property

The University maintains property insurance with large deductibles to cover its real property against risk of fire, flood, and other loss. University owned business personal property (computers, laptops, copiers, etc.) is NOT INSURED. If a loss occurs to University business personal property, it is the financial loss of the owning department/college. If your department/college desires to insure its business personal property, please contact Risk Management for a quote. Unless Risk Management has provided you with documentation to the contrary, your business personal property is not insured.

If your department or location has a fire or other structural loss:

  1. Call 911
  2. Call Risk Management at 916-278-7233

If your department or location suffers loss by theft or malicious mischief to departmental business personal property, always notify the campus police (9-1-1 or 278-6851), then contact Risk Management 278-7233, and report the loss to the Property Accounting Office at 278-6015.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property

There are many instances where employees bring personal property to campus for their business or personal use. This property may include but is not limited to art, office furnishings, special rugs for your office, radios, books, plants and photographs. Personal property or equipment brought to campus is the sole responsibility of the owner. The repair, replacement, or reimbursement of personal property is not considered to be the responsibility of the University. See Government Code Section 19850, et seq. as well as EO 649 and Equipment Management Guidelines Section 5.3 ("....If a University employee keeps personally owned equipment on campus.....The University is not responsible for loss or damage to the equipment") However, if an employee feels that they were harmed as a result of the negligence of the University, the employee has the right to file a claim against the State of California for loss or damage to personal property through the tort claims process. See Tort claims against the University for further information.