State Records Center: Shredding of Confidential Records

You may choose to retain records in your office rather than send them to the State Record Center for storage. Regardless, when confidential records reach the end of their retention period they should be shredded.

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Examples of confidential or proprietary records

Includes: student files; personnel files; intellectual property; or any records that contain Social Security Numbers, Student ID numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Please call Records Management Services 916-278-6312 if you have questions about the confidentiality of specific records.

We recommend using VikingShred if you have 30 or fewer boxes for your confidential shredding needs. The University has a contract with VikingShred and has been able to negotiate a relatively low price for their services. VikingShred provides both on-site and off-site shredding. Please submit a Facilities Management workorder ( to initiate VikingShred services.

Records Management Services recommends that you document the records you destroy. It is important to create an audit trail for the destruction of records, regardless of whether they are shredded or sent to the State Destruction Center.

Please Note: Records cannot be destroyed unless they are included on an up-to-date retention schedule that has been approved by the Record Management Advisory Committee. Most importantly, regardless of retention requirements, records pertaining to pending audits or judicial or public disclosure proceedings must not be destroyed until the issue is resolved.

To ensure an appropriate audit trail, the creation of a Shredding/Destruction Center Log is recommended. At a minimum, the Shredding/Destruction Center Log should contain the following information:

  • Record Series Name (this can be found in the Record Retention Schedule)
  • Record Title
  • Inclusive Dates for the records being destroyed
  • Person Authorizing Destruction (this may or may not be the same person who physically oversees the destruction)
  • Destruction Method (Shred-It or State Destruction Center)
  • Destruction Date