State Records Center: Records Retrieval

While the University Records Management Coordinator is responsible for coordinating retrieval and re-filing of material previously stored at the State Records Center, the Records Authority for your office is responsible for ensuring that an up-to-date RM Access Authorization Form is on file with our office.

Access Authorization Form

  •  Only personnel who are listed on the RM Access Authorization Form may request retrieval of records from the State Records Center.
  • The form includes the name, title and signature of each office employee authorized to access the records for your office.
  • One-time-only authorization for someone not on the Access Authorization Form can be obtained by sending an e-mail message to us. E-mails should include the name and title of both the person making the request and the person who will retrieve the record.

Requesting a Box Retrieval

Request a box or file retrieval via e-mail, campus mail zip 6038, telephone 916-278-6312 or FAX 916-278-5783.

 Supply the following information:

  • Requestor name, department /unit name , Room #
  • Name box requested, Location #, List # and Container #

Delivery of Boxes:

  • On your request include the address to which the boxes will be delivered. Central Receiving will then deliver the boxes to your department.
  • On delivery, your office will be required to sign a receipt, which serves as acknowledgement that your box(s)/material was delivered.
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Reactivation of a box (returning a box to active use):
It is sometimes necessary to return a box to active use within your office. Follow the same procedure and supply the same information you would when requesting a box retrieval. Add the word "reactivate" to your request. If you have retrieved a box and decided at a later date that you need to reactivate it, please call the office 916-278-6312 or e mail us to let us know of this change in the box status.

Returning of Boxes to State Records Center:

  • Call us 916-278-6312 to arrange pick-up of retrieved boxes which had previously been stored at the State Records Center.