2013/2014 Recognition Program

Staff Peer Awards

The ABA Staff Peer Awards Program is a recognition program that allows ABA staff to recognize the work of their colleagues. Awards are presented annually in the following categories: Customer Service, Problem Solver, Teamwork, Positive Attitude, Professionalism, and Innovation.

Awardees are reccomended to the vice president by a selection team, many of them 2013 award recipients. This year's selection team included:

  • TC Clark, Business & Administrative Services
  • Kristina Cullen, Facilities Management
  • Serena Fuson, Public Safety
  • Rosie Tamayo, Financial Services
  • Angel Thayer, Budget Planning & Administration
  • Janie Xiong, Risk Management Services

2014 Staff Peer Award Recipients:


Serena Fuson

Positive Attitude

Lauren Garrett


Nat Martin

Customer Service

Karen Massey


Josh Neri

Customer Service

Edelsa Reyes


Andrew Stiffler

Not pictured: Edna Flores - Problem Solver

2014 Staff Peer Award Nominees:

Customer Service: Trudy Lofing, Loey Lum, Karen Massey, Tomas Palomino, Mark Perry, Edelsa Reyes, Amy Sortomme, Rudy Tamayo; Positive Attitude: Steve Bolton, Julie Carroll, Lauren Garrett, Jesus Gutierrez, Florence Jackson, Trish Lush, David Prudencio, Rosie Tamayo; Teamwork: Serena Fuson, Jana Hansen, Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan, Matthew Mason, Brandon Sanchez, Andrew Stiffler, Rosie Tamayo; Professionalism: Elena Compo, David Kesty, Nat Martin; Innovation: Elena Compo, Christina Day, Joey Martinez, Josh Neri; Problem Solver: Leah Davis, Jeffrey Dierking, Edna Flores, Dale Knorr, Suzanne Swartz

Leadership Awards

Leadership Peer

Leadership Peer Awards recognize ABA Management Council members who are esteemed by their colleagues for contributions to ABA or University goals, service, teamwork, innovation, process improvement, advancement, communication, or the development of a model practice.

Brisco Chaney-Buttleman Gravenberg
Kevin Brisco - Facilities Management
Kendal Chaney-Buttleman - Financial Services
Kem Gravenberg - Administrative Operations
Hafar Heaphy McComb
Linda Hafar - Facilities Management
David Heaphy - Public Safety
Todd McComb - Facilities Management
Abbi Stone - Business & Administrative Services

Team Awards

Team Awards recognize teams for accomplishment of a common assignment, a project, a process or service improvements, or contributions made towards ABA and University goals. This year we recognized four teams:

Plumbing Team UTAPS Pay-By-Phone
Plumbing Shop Team

Recipients (from left to right): Tim Arkebauer, Donald Stirewalt, Michael Hendren
UTAPS Pay-By-Phone Team

Recipients (from left to right): Freddy Orozco, Cacee Belton, TC Clark*,
Gina Lombardo*, Tony Lucas*
smart-grid team
SMART Grid Team

Recipients (from left to right): Tim Blair, Justine Heartt, Paul Serafimidis, Kendal Chaney-Buttleman, Jeff Williams, Victor Takahashi, Nat Martin, Nicole Sharkey, Greg Paul, Susan McGuire, Linda Hafar, Tony Chen, Ken Davis, Bena Arao*, Erick Asamoah*, Lydia Cottrell*, David Davis*, Joseph Kelly*, Michael Mene*, Carl Oaks*, Rich Power*, Arthur Buntin*, Arthur Rush*, Vince Seifert*, Suzanne Swartz*, Rosie Tamayo*, Chris Wessendorf*

Hironaka Matthews Parker Vinson
Public Safety Team

Recipients (from left to right): Keegan Hironaka, Thelma Matthews, John Parker, Vic Vinson, Anthony Martinez*
*Not Pictured

Valued Staff Awards

ABA's Valued Staff awards recognize staff professionals who contribute to the success of ABA initiatives; demonstrate values of leadership, teamwork, ethics and integrity; and/or excel in the provision of quality of service or productivity. Award recipients are nominated by Management Council members.

Bracamonte Casipit Compo
Suzanne Bracamonte - Public Safety
Clarita Casipit - Facilities Management
Elena Compo - Business & Administrative Services
Kwong Ly McGuire
Norman Kwong - Budget Planning & Administration
Hai Ly - Financial Services
Susan McGuire - Facilities Management
Pappas Swartz Thayer
Deneilia Pappas - Risk Management Services
Suzanne Swartz - Financial Services
Angel Thayer - Budget Planning & Administration
Judy Yanos - Facilities Management