Auditing and Consulting Services' main responsibilities:

  1. We centrally coordinate all external audits and act as a liaison between external auditors and campus personnel. All pending audits must be reported to the Director of Auditing and Consulting Services to ensure appropriate coordination with all related parties and entities. External entities that could approach the campus for an audit include the CSU Chancellor's Office (Office of Audit and Advisory Services), federal agencies, various State departments, and CPA firms.
  2. We conduct various operational, compliance, and/or investigative audits on campus with the concurrence of the President and the CFO/Vice President of Administration and Business Affairs.
  3. We must report any fiscal improprieties and fraudulent activities to the CSU Chancellor's Office, appropriate University administrators, and applicable State departments (in accordance with Executive Order 1104). Please note that the campus is required to notify the Director of Auditing and Consulting Services of all cases of actual or suspected fraud, theft, or other irregularities.
  4. We ensure compliance with specific tax directives such as payments to nonresident aliens, unrelated business income, and taxable employee benefits.
  5. We serve as a resource regarding policies, laws, and regulations.
  6. We provide analysis, advice, appraisals, research, and information on a variety of administrative and financial policies and issues.