Sacramento State American Express Government Card

Genral Information

AMEXAmerican Express, in a joint effort with the State of California Department of General Services, provides a Statewide Travel Payment Program. As part of the program, American Express may issue an American Express Government Card to qualified University employees to be used for official University travel.

The American Express government card is an individual charge card that University travelers may use while traveling on University business. The benefits of the government card is that it has no monthly or annual fees; has travel accident insurance; and 24-hour global assistance for medical or legal services.

The "government card" as it is called, identifies the traveler as a government employee and invites discounts for airlines, car rentals companies and hotels. The government card is for use while traveling on Official University business only. It may be used to pay for lodging, food, rental car expenses, fuel, airline tickets, shuttle services and taxi cab fares while traveling. The government card may not be used for personal business or purchases.

The government card is issued based on the employee’s own credit. It is issued or declined solely by the American Express Corporation. Any charges to the card are the responsibility of the employee and must be paid in full every month. The University is not responsible for any outstanding balances. The American Express government cards issued through the Sacramento State travel program will be reviewed for inappropriate purchases and for past due balances. Any inappropriate purchases or past due balances (more than 90 days) may result in the following actions:

•    Suspension of the card for 30 days

•    Cancellation of the card

•    Notification of the misuse to the appropriate Administrator

•    Appropriate Personnel Action by the Office of Human Resources

Applying for a card

An Access key is required when filling out the application form. Prior to applying for the American Express government card, please contact the Accounts Payable and Travel Office, at

(916) 278-6476, for the code.

Access the American Express application form

•     Enter the Access Key

•     Enter in the pertinent information

•     Enter your email address

•     Click Submit

•     Review the information one last time and click Submit for Processing

•     Copy the submitted application for your records

Government Card Assistance

Report problem card or a lost/stolen card: (800) 528-2122 (24 hour Customer Assistance) Emergency Card Replacement: (800) 992-3403 (24 hrs., 7 days a week)

American Express Application Status and Decline Hotline: (888) 800-7325 (M-F, 6 am-4 pm Mountain Time)